Safety first grunge rubber stamp on white, vector illustration

At Adams Industries, we are committed to keeping our employees and community safe, which is why safety is at the top of our priority list.  With the scope of work that our company performs, we know that we not only need to keep our employees out of harm’s way, but looking out for those around us is just as important. Our leaders train employees to constantly have awareness so that they gain the natural ability to avoid accidents. By creating a safe environment, we are able to keep individuals healthy which in turn has a positive financial impact on the Company. By operating in a safe and efficient manner, our costs are reduced and we are able to serve our customers efficiently and offer them competitive rates.

All of our professional truck drivers, Warehousing and Civil Resources crews go through comprehensive safety education and training with our Safety Manager and are given all the necessary protective personal equipment (PPE) before beginning any work for Adams Industries. During this training, our drivers are taught best safety practices, like how to properly secure loads, what to do in certain weather conditions, how to maneuver in and out of tight yards, to constantly be aware of their surroundings to ensure other motorists are not in harm’s way, and much more. In addition to all the necessary training, we also provide our drivers with reliable and well maintained equipment. Every truck and trailer is put on a scheduled maintenance program for regular preventative maintenance tasks.

Our Warehouse and Civil Resources crews are taught how to properly operate equipment and large machinery before use and are trained on the best safety practices in the yard as well as at any job site. We have safety personnel who are responsible for the constant monitoring of the premises to make sure everyone is performing in a safe manner and that there is nothing that could cause a potential accident.

As shown, we are dedicated to maintaining a safe environment, and the statistics prove it. Our CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) scores have averaged 13% for the past two years. Additionally, in 2014 Great West Casualty Company, the nation’s leading provider of property and casualty insurance for the trucking industry, awarded us the Platinum Safety Award for our exemplary safety record. In 2015, Great West Casualty Company presented Adams with another high standing award, the Gold Safety Award. Enforcing strict safety measures allows us to avoid the higher insurance and workers compensation costs that result from unsafe practices.  In turn, we are able to pass these cost savings on to our customers.