Bulk Pneumatic Transportation at Adams Trucking

The Adams Trucking pneumatic trailer fleet is ready to haul bulk products for customers in any location of the country. Additionally, with our Sidney, Nebraska location having access to the two largest railroads in the United States, BNSF and UPRR, Adams Industries has the capabilities and necessary equipment to transload bulk commodities from railcars to pneumatic trailers at our own rail yard. With 55,000ft of rail on site (and our own switch engines) storing, staging and moving railcars through the transloading process is a smooth flowing and efficient operation that creates no delays for our customers. Additionally, Adams Industries has a certified truck scale on site to ensure fully loaded trucks are optimally filled, and highway legal. Our web-based inventory system gives our customers 24/7 access to the amount of product and railcars that are on site waiting to be unloaded.

If you’re looking to store your commodity, short-term or long-term, our warehousing facilities will be able to handle your product(s). The warehouses encompass over 600,000ft2 of indoor storage space and our crew is equipped with specialized conveying equipment, giving us the capability to handle various bulk commodities. If the desire is to store product in railcars, we have 55,000ft of rail on site, and switch engines available to move cars in and out of the facility.

Our trucking division is dedicated to on-time delivery and maintains constant contact with our professional truck drivers via satellite communications. All of our trucks are equipped with electronic on-board recorders, providing the capability to track shipments in real time, communicate any route change and monitor the delivery of our customer’s commodities. Our pneumatic trailers are maintained to insure reliable performance during all stages of the transportation cycle.

A few examples of commodities we’ve hauled with our pneumatic trailers:

  • Frac Sand
  • Cement
  • Soluble Potash
  • Petroleum Coke